A package is a set of related functions and / or routines. Packages are used to group together PL/SQL code blocks which make up a common application or are attached to a single business function. Packages consist of a specification and a body. The package specification lists the public interfaces to the blocks within the package body. The package body contains the public and private PL/SQL blocks which make up the application, private blocks are not defined in the package specification and cannot be called by any routine other than one defined within the package body. The benefits of packages are that they improve the organisation of procedure and function blocks, allow you to update the blocks that make up the package body without affecting the specification (which is the object that users have rights to) and allow you to grant execute rights once instead of for each and every block.

To create a package specification we use a variation on the CREATE command, all we need put in the specification is each PL/SQL block header that will be public within the package


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