Calling sub report / another report in oracle reports 10g – Hyperlink Oracle Reports

Hi Readers,

i am going to show you a very simple method of calling sub report / another report in oracle reports 10g.

Hyperlink reports in oracle means call another report from a report by clicking at a value.  For example, we have a report like bellow,



10002 MULTAN

And we want to call another report named BRANCH_DETAIL of a Branch by clicking on BRANCH ID. How can we achieve this?

Select the data field (i-e Branch ID ) and press F11 to go code editor. this will open FormatTrigger code editor.

Add the bellow code before return (true);

SRW.SET_HYPERLINK(‘http://ser/reports/rwservlet?userid=hr rep_ser_oracle&desformat=pdf&destype=cache&desname=d:\branch_detail.PDF&report=D:\SER_Bin\Reports\branch_detail.rdf&branch_Id=’||:branch_Id);

(Change the report server url as you have, report name and parameter if you have)

for example:

function F_BranchFormatTrigger return boolean is
  SRW.SET_HYPERLINK(‘http://ser/reports/rwservlet?userid=hr rep_ser_oracle&desformat=pdf&destype=cache& desname=d:\branch_detail.PDF&report=D:\SER_Bin\Reports\branch_detail.rdf&branch_Id=’||:branch_Id);
  return (TRUE);

Compile and save the reports. If needs convert to any other extension.

Now run your report…

Note : It is recommended, Please use encrypted login information.


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